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JULY 2023

Dear parents, colleagues, friends, and supporters of Duhovka,

at the beginning, there was a beautiful project and a breathtaking amount of money that we needed to make it happen. However, there was also an amazing community of people with a common interest: to give children the best environment for learning and development in every possible field and skill. Thanks to all of you, we now know that we can implement the project in its entirety and in the timeframe that we set out at the beginning - giving the children a new gym, an art studio and a science lab on its roof.

In the past 12 months we have achieved something extraordinary together - a fundraising project of this size in a private educational environment is unprecedented in the Czech Republic. Over the course of nine fundraising events, everyone has been involved - from children and teachers to individual parents, the Parent Association and friends of Duhovka to the amazing and unique capacities of public and artistic life. Thanks to this, our fundraising project won the main prize of the Czech Marketing Society in the Marketer of the Year 2022 competition - the so-called Big Blue Dolphin.

We are at the end of the fundraising, but not at the end of the Gym & Art Studio 2023 project. We will now be able to watch the completion and look forward to the grand opening during the second term of the school year 2023/24. But even this will not be the end, it will be a new beginning and a whole new dimension of PE lessons, sports and movement clubs, a richer after-school center program and a new field for creativity and exploration in science and art.

THANK YOU ALL for taking the plunge with us.

Together we made it happen!
Fundraising Team

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Gym & Studio 2023

thus far promised or donated 

43.000.000 CZK

raised 100% of the 43.000.000 CZK needed

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our kind donors for their trust and financial support of the new gym.

Creating a new heart of the school for children together.

A place that will be alive with sport and socialising. A place of fantasy and artistic creation. A place of focused scientific exploration and discovery. A place of experiences, emotions, work and rest, full of light. A pleasant atmosphere for all.


Thank you that you’ve done it with us!

Duhovka is growing. We have just finished the new floor to give especially the children from the Middle School the space they deserve. And not only that. We’re also finishing a gym which our school has been sorely lacking for a long time and with it a new multi-purpose space for art and science activities. The superstructure of the new floor was financially secured but for building the gym and the studio, Duhovka’s finances were not sufficient. Thanks to you, together, we’ve done it!  This is our fundraising story

Jindřich Kitzberger 
School Director